The new bar space at the upcoming Alamo Drafthouse Mueller is under construction but will open early next year with a carnival theme.

Many of the newer Alamo Drafthouse locations have a a standalone bar attached to the theater — such as Lakeline’s Glass Half Full, which focuses on craft beer, and Slaughter Lane’s 400 Rabbits, which opened with a penchant for tequila cocktails.

The Alamo Drafthouse recently announced that the newest Austin location of the locally based chain, in the Mueller neighborhood, is also getting a themed bar space, currently under construction and opening with the rest of the Mueller theater in early 2017.

It’s going to be a family-friendly event space during daytime hours and a bar with barrel-aged brews and craft cocktails at night — and all of it is carnival-themed, complete with carnival games, freak show posters, a big stage for live music and events, and more.

The Barrel O’ Fun space will be “reminiscent of a vintage boardwalk” by day, according to a post on the Drafthouse website.

“When the clock strikes 5 p.m. every day, however, the ‘R-E-L’ on the Barrel O’ Fun neon sign fritzes out and the space transforms into the ‘Bar O’ Fun,'” according to the post. “The carnival games fold into the ceiling to reveal a curated selection of fine spirits and craft beers with an emphasis on barrel aged beers and craft cocktails.”

Alamo Drafthouse Mueller is located in the neighborhood’s bustling town center on Aldrich Street, where kid-friendly places like the Thinkery have made the area particularly attractive to families. The new location, as a result, is blending the needs of both young children and adults looking to have a little fun, too, with the Barrel O’Fun space.

Teenagers aren’t getting left out, either. The Drafthouse announcement noted that Barrel O’Fun will also “serve as a space for teen performances, gaming events, and more.”

Here’s a video rendering of what the Mueller bar and events space will look like.