For most of your life, your parents know who your friends are. They’re the people you sit next to in homeroom, your next-door neighbor, your Little League teammate — but then you move off to college, and maybe your mom doesn’t know your friends by name anymore.

That’s what happened to 21-year-old Christina Duron, a student at Texas State University, when her mom, Patti Wood, wanted to share photos of her daughter on Facebook. The only problem is that Wood wasn’t always sure who else was in the photos with Christina.

Screengrab via Christina Duron

Duron shared screenshots of her mom’s Facebook posts on Twitter on Sunday.

I really can't with my mom

— Christina Duron (@christinatxst) November 20, 2016

According to Buzzfeed, this happens a lot. So Duron texted her mom to correct her friends’ names, but even then, Wood was confused.

@christinatxst she can't be helped

— Christina Duron (@christinatxst) November 20, 2016

Duron told Buzzfeed, “My friends were a little offended when it first started happening, but now they think it’s pretty hilarious and they take it in stride.”

Poor mom. She means well. Here’s hoping Duron doesn’t have to spend all of Thanksgiving break explaining her friends’ names to Wood.