Justice for “Dallas.” Vengeance for “Friday Night Lights.” Blood for “King of the Hill.” According to TV Guide, the most popular show set in the great state of Texas isn’t any of these small-screen institutions. And if you can’t trust TV Guide about what people are watching, who can you trust in this post-fact world?

Linda Gray and Larry Hagman portrayed Sue Ellen and J.R. Ewing on the hit television show Dallas. Credit: CBS

According to the TV programming experts, the most popular show set in Texas is “Game of Silence,” an NBC drama set in Dalton that was cancelled this year after one season. The pick is part of a countdown for each of the 50 states (plus Washington, D.C.).

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So, that begs the question: What does TV Guide mean by “most popular”? The programming experts say that they analyzed data compiled from TVGuide.com users who use their “Watchlist” feature. There’s probably more than a little recency bias at play, considering that the big three of Lone Star TV shows listed above have been off the air for some time.

Also a surprise: The most popular show set in New York is “Blindspot.” Sorry, Rachel, Ross, Jerry and Elaine.

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