Tis the season for giving thanks — and money, in the case of one Houston diner.

According to ABC News, 22-year-old Ben Millar, an Irish waiter working in Houston, told a customer named Jeffrey Saturday night that he hadn’t seen his family in Northern Ireland in more than two years. Jeffrey reportedly told Millar he and his family regularly visited Ireland, and after he finished his meal, he left Millar a $750 tip on a $182.87 tab.

Screengrab via Taryn Keith

Millar’s girlfriend, Taryn Keith, shared a photo of the receipt on Facebook Sunday, writing, “My boyfriend got this tip last night at work. He’s from Ireland and is trying to take us back there once Killian is born so we can meet his family. Thought I would share it to show everyone that’s there is not only hate out there. Truly blessed.”

“My initial reaction was shouting, ‘Holy s**t!'” Millar told ABC.

He said he plans on saving the tip money until his baby with Keith is born, so that his new family can visit his family in Belfast, Ireland.