Austin Animal Center

JD (A552796)

8-year-old male

Terrier mix

JD is super calm and laid back. He walks well on a leash and he has gotten along well with other dogs he’s met here. He would literally get to your house, find a soft bed and curl up for a 16 hour nap.  He’s a hidden gem and we can’t keep him to ourselves anymore!

 Dottie & Dawson (A708904 & A708903)

One female, one male

These siblings were hand raised by one of our fosters so they are very social! They would make a wonderful pair for the holidays and every day for the rest of their lives! Please keep this pair safe and let them live their lives indoors as members of your family!

Tasha (A628456)

5-year-old female

Terrier mix

Tasha is a volunteer favorite and goes on outings almost every week, yet she is still here! After 275 days we still don’t know why? She has good manners, greets other dogs with tails wags and kisses, seems housetrained, knows sit, rides great in the car and loves everyone! She even has an video!

Quinn (A716095)

10-year-old male

Chihuahua mix

This little senior is one well-mannered boy. He enjoys calm and casual walks and visiting with new people.  If you are searching for a little dog to keep you company on your short walks, come meet Quinn. He needs an exercise buddy to help him start taking few pounds off and to keep him on the right type of food for him.

Luke (A716433)

2-year-old male

Labrador mix

Handsome and polite, Luke is a good match for anyone. Seems to like to chase squirrels, so you must be careful if you have cats at home. Other dogs are his favorite and he greets everyone in a happy and playful manner. He knows sit and keeps his kennel in excellent shape!

Texas Humane Heroes

Cattywhompas (25218454 )

3-year-old female

Cattywhompas is the name and silly is the game. I love to explore and bird watch, I enjoy sitting in the catio (the awesome outdoor cat patio here at TXHH) and watch the birds. I get along swell with other kitties, but i’m not a fan of puppies.

Bentley (29795871)

2-year-old male

Rottweiler mix

I’m such a good boy. Once we’re best buds, I won’t leave your side! I love being with my humans and getting a good back rub. I would love to be someone’s running buddy or help you play disc golf!

Duke (23046729 )

4-year-old male

Chihuahua mix

Meet Duke! He is the Duke of Cuddles! Duke loves spending quality time snuggling up with his human. He is the the ultimate lap dog! But don’t let that fool you, he loves being outdoors, running and playing!

Lucy (29929483)

3-year-old female

Labrador retriever mix

Hey, I’m Lucy! Oooo, ball! Sorry I just love tennis balls. Or frisbees. They are the best! I will play with them all, though it’s hard to eat with them in my mouth. I try anyways. I am super fun and can’t wait to find my new home.

Kiki (1474378)

9-year-old female

Looking for an easy going, mature snuggler? Well I’m your girl! I’m a very sweet girl but a little shy at first. That’s to be expected though, because I’ve only lived in one home my whole life! I’m looking for a forever family to share all of my love with!

Central Texas SPCA

Hazel Grace

1-year-old female

Hazel Grace is a feisty little tabby tigress who plays as hard as she naps! We’ve had reports of our girl gettin’ a little rough with visitors, but when we went back to investigate, she hopped on our lap and proceeded to give us kisses! Obviously this little lass needs someone to teach her how to play nice, and whoever that is will be repaid in an abundance of love!


4-month-old male

Chris…it’s a plain name for a not-so-plain boy.  He’s quite inquisitive and loves to meet new people.  He enjoys play time as much as any kitten and has a great time with his roommate, Mittens.


1-year-old male

Costello is a young and happy dog who knows how to make everyone fall in love with him by using his brown eyes to maximum effect. He’s a playful medium sized dog who knows what he wants in life and isn’t afraid to go get it. He would make the perfect family dog, so come visit him today!


4-year-old female

I am an eager to please kind of girl and am ready for any task. The staff here say I learn very quickly and am highly food motivated. Although, I have to admit that I think I love paying frisbee as much as getting a good treat to eat.