If you’re a fan of “Stranger Things” and Harry Potter, you’re gonna love this.

Comedy Central UK posted a video (that has since been taken down, but re-uploaded by other users) called “Potter Things” that mashes up the two beloved stories pretty seamlessly.


The video opens to (what else?) Hedwig’s Theme and a “Potter Things” title card in the “Stranger Things” font, but it quickly segues into the Netflix show’s theme song from Austin synth band Survive. Apparently, in this combination of the two universes, the “Stranger Things” kids show up at Hogwarts, and things get…strange. Harry and Ron find Eleven in the woods, Snape accuses Eleven of stealing Eggos from his personal stores (let’s all pause for a moment to laugh at the mental image of Snape eating Eggos) and the “Stranger Things” discover the Vale of Shadows which, let’s be honest, is the most Harry Potter-sounding thing ever.

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Even the details of the video are perfect. Check out this conveniently placed ad for dragon’s blood:

Screengrab via YouTube

The best part, without a doubt, is Winona Ryder standing in front of the famous alphabet wall in her home, as the Christmas Lights spell out “Harry Potter.” It’s bloody brilliant.