You can’t vote for pizza today. But you can eat it while voting.

A classic mushroom and pepperoni New York City style pizza from Home Slice Pizza. 02/04/15 Tom McCarthy Jr. for AMERICAN-STATESMAN

In case you haven’t heard, this election has brought out voters in droves. Many states, including Texas, have surpassed their previous early voter turnout records, and with Election Day already off to a roaring start, overall numbers are expected to be up as well, the Washington Post reports.

One side effect to all this participation? Long (long) lines. Even with the help of maps that estimate waits at different polling locations, chances are you might have to put in a little time before casting your vote.

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However, thanks to Pizza to the Polls you’ll have one more thing to do while waiting that isn’t checking your phone and picking your split ends: Eat pizza! According to the site, Pizza to the Polls wants to “deliver the one thing that pairs so perfectly with freedom” to polling locations that have long lines “full of hungry voters.”

As of noon today, the site, which allows visitors to both report long voting lines and donate to the growing pizza fund, was reporting nearly $20,000 in total donations, and an available $12,500 after the delivery of more than 300 pizzas. The site also lists the cities to which deliveries have been made thus far.

20 pizza's headed to 1023 New York Avenue, Brooklyn, New York

— Pizza to the Polls (@PizzaToThePolls) November 8, 2016

Who says fulfilling your civic duty can’t be as cheesy as it is American? Tweet Pizza to the Polls a picture of your polling location’s line and treat you and your fellow voters to comforting pizza.