This feels like the longest election ever, am I right? These two city zoos are fully aware, and they wanted to provide you with the brain break you needed to get by.

Two unnamed, four-week-old twin red pandas snuggle together at Galloway Wildlife Conservation Park near Kirkcudbright in Scotland, Wednesday July 8, 2009. The twins are native to the forests of the Himalayas and are among the latest new births at the park. Other arrivals include baby owls, wallabies, Asian small-clawed otters and tree porcupines. (AP Photo/PA, Danny Lawson)†

The San Francisco Zoo and the Houston Zoo both posted multiple Facebook live streams to provide you with a little election relief.

Kick back with a beverage and watch these videos as you follow along with the Austin American-Statesmanís live elections coverage.

Houston Zoo

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San Francisco Zoo red panda cam

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