Update: Take a look: ‘Creek Show’ opens, artfully illuminating Waller Creek


Over the weekend several of the artists and architects making illuminated wonders for this year’s “Creek Show” began installing their creations.

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Jules Buck Jones and Tim Derrington posted images of their work-in-progress, and working-in-waders, to Facebook.

Jones’ 40-foot mosasaur sculpture took up residence under the Eighth Street bridge. A predatory ancestors of snakes and lizards, the mosasaur swam the shallow sea that once covered much of the North American continent before going extinct 65 million years ago.

Jules Buck Jones and his team install Jones’ mosasaur sculpture over Waller Creek. Photo courtesy Jules Buck Jones.


Derrington and his team waded into the murky section of Waller Creek below Easy Tiger to install “Deep Curiousity,” a 50-foot-diameter arch.

Photo courtesy Tim Derrington.

With five site-specific installations illuminated nightly for just 10 ten evenings “Creek Show” starts Thursday.  There’s a slew of programs accompanying “Creek Show”  so check our listings.

I will be moderating the free panel discussion with this year’s “Creek Show” creators 6:30 p.m. on Nov. 15. Please join us!

“Creek Show”
When: 6 to 10 p.m. Nov. 10-19
Where: Waller Creek between Fifth and Eighth streets
Tickets: Free. Pick up a free wristband at the creekside information table between Sixth and Seventh streets. The wristband can be used for a free series of events.




Photo courtesy Tim Derrington.