From Rosita’s Al Pastor. Photo by Matthew Odam

It’s always interesting to get an outsider perspective on Austin classics.

The Wall Street Journal gave Austin a shout-out in a piece titled “Breakfast Tacos: The 5 Best Places to Find Them in Austin, Texas.” The five places? Veracruz All Natural, Tamale House East, Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ, Delicious and Rosita Al Pastor.

Because we take tacos very seriously in Austin, none of these discoveries are new to us. This is the city that birthed Torchy’s Tacos (which did not make the Wall Street Journal’s list, unfortunately). This is a place where newspaper staff eats Tacodeli instead of pizza on Election Night.

#ElectionNight at the @statesman continues with a SHOCKER: no pizza. We did @tacodeli instead.

— Lilly Rockwell (@LillyRockwell) November 9, 2016

From Austin’s perspective:

Veracruz All Natural has made our critics’ picks list two years in a row, and even was named the nation’s No. 11 best taco spot. The Statesman’s food critic Matthew Odam praised the tacos for their delicious tortillas and perfect blend of salt and pepper, writing, “If there’s a better trailer taco in Austin than the migas taco ($2.50) from Veracruz All Natural, I’ve yet to come across it.” Tamale House East is an extended legacy; the owners’ grandparents owned the original Tamale House that fed Austinites in 1958. The restaurant recently added 16 beer taps, and even offer advice on which beer to pair with which tamale. Tamale House East is the only remaining Tamale House branch still operating; Bobby Vasquez opened another branch of Tamale House on Airport Boulevard in 1977, but the restaurant closed after his death in 2014. Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ does have killer brisket tacos, and the Violet Taco (the owner’s second food truck) has the same great style, just dedicated to tacos. Rosita’s Al Pastor holds its own in a town full of al pastor tacos. And Fact Check: though Delicious is, well, delicious, calling it a taco joint is a bit of a stretch. The majority of the menu is “sandos” (sandwiches) and brunch items.

Please don’t limit yourself to only five breakfast taco places. Try every Austin taco you encounter. If that sounds intimidating, take this comprehensive list of the best breakfast tacos in Austin as a guide.