As a writer, editor and art director, Glenn O’Brien has been at the epicenter of the worlds of art, fashion, celebrity and music for the past 50 years, his credits ranging from penning Q Magazine’s “The Style Guy” column to his role as creative director for Calvin Klein’s iconic 1990s underwear ads with Mark Wahlberg and Kate Moss.

O’Brien was the first editor of Interview, the influential culture and celebrity magazine founded by Andy Warhol.

In conjunction with the Blanton Museum’s new exhibit, “Warhol By the Book,” O’Brien will be in Austin to speak about his work with  “Interview.”

O’Brien gives his talk at 6:30 p.m. Oct. 20. The event is free. The Blanton Museum of Art is at MLK at Congress Ave.


1984 cover of Interview magazine featuring Grace Jones.

A 1977 interview O’Brien did with his boss, Warhol, at the latter’s famous Factory is a must-read for its classical Warholisms:

GO: What was your ambition? To be an illustrator or a fine artist?

AW: I didn’t have any ambition.

Read it here.

And from 1978 to 1982 O’Brien co-hosted a public access television show “TV Party,” a free-wheeling call-in talk show that featured a parade of then cutting-edge culture makers like David Byrne, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Robert Mapplethorpe, Klaus Nomi, the Clash, Robert Fripp and the B-52s to name just a few. The show was co-hosted by Blondie guitarist and co-founder Chris Stein.

Here’s O’Brien’s interview with Jean-Michel Basquiat, when the artist was just gaining attention with his arresting graffiti that popped up on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, under the moniker SAMO.