J. Potter-Miller Media. Last Stand Brewing teamed up with a group of local bars to create a beer inspired by a taco.

Brewers sometimes get their inspiration in strange places, but in taco-loving Austin, we understand this one: Last Stand Brewing has made a beer based on the flavor profile of one of our favorite foods.

The Hill Country brewery didn’t create the taco-inspired beer alone, however. Last Stand’s co-owners, Kerry and Mandi Richardson, collaborated with FBR Management, the group behind a roster of local bars including Mean Eyed Cat, Lavaca Street Bar, the Rattle Inn and more, to make the Ale Pastor. (Yes, go ahead and relish that pun.)

As the name suggests, the beer is intended to have flavors similar to that of the al pastor taco, with pork, dried chilies, spices and pineapples. The brewery — masters at making perfectly hopped beers — recreated the taste subtly, by adding Simcoe hops to impart the beer with a “supporting citrus aroma and slight bitterness to the ale,” according to a news release. The hops are a nod to the al pastor taco’s tropical goodness from the pineapple.

To make the beer, more than 35 people from FBR Management “helped create the flavor profiles at the brewery,” according to Max Moreland, one of the partners in the group.

“When Last Stand Brewing approached us to join forces on a beer flavor, it was an obvious choice to make,” he said in the release.

The limited-release brew is being tapped starting tomorrow at all of the FBR bars: Mean Eyed Cat, Gibson, Star Bar, Rattle Inn, Lavaca Street Bar, Gibson Street Bar, the Wheel, Lala’s and Lavaca Street Domain. If you buy a pint at any of these locations, a portion of the proceeds will benefit prostate research in honor of Movember.

For more information, visit laststandbrewing.com or fbrmgmt.com.