Update 5:57 p.m.: The festival may be reopened, but not before some attendees without cars in which to shelter were shuttled back to The Mohawk in downtown Austin.

(Eric Webb photos/American-Statesman)

Displaced music fans tweeted their frustration to @SOSFestTX, which said that shuttles should be returning to McDade now:

@jacksonsteele23 We've reiterated a message to our shuttle company. Road conditions are back to normal and shuttles should be returning

— Sound on Sound Fest (@SOSFestTX) November 6, 2016

The evacuation had at least one silver lining: a bus-bound beer run, according to one Reddit user.

Update 5:10 p.m.: SOS Fest has reopened. Festival organizers say the schedule will resume with rapper Wale who was scheduled to perform at 5:30 p.m.

UPDATE 4:25 p.m.: Reader Rick Ford shared a few more photos from the campground at Sherwood Forest Faire, where storms have shut down the show on the third day of Sound on Sound Fest.

Courtesy of Rick Ford

Courtesy of Rick Ford

Fest-goers caught on the campground take shelter at one of the site’s permanent structures. Courtesy of Rick Ford.

UPDATE 4 p.m.: There has been some flooding in the campground at Sherwood Forest Faire. Festival representatives, say staffers are checking the campground and helping campers get back to their cars.

Courtesy of Liz O’Brien


UPDATE: 3:36 p.m.: On their social media accounts, festival organizers are asking fest-goers to remain sheltered. They hope to resume the fest if and when the weather clears.


Fest-goers huddle on a bus after SOS Fest is evacuated. Eric Webb/American-Statesman


Please remain sheltered. When it is safe we will resume the fest. #SOSFest

— Sound on Sound Fest (@SOSFestTX) November 6, 2016


UPDATE 3:23 p.m.: The voice of the festival came on mid-set for comedian Ever Mainard. Before that, the tent covering the comedian at the Globe stage started to waver as the sky grew noticeable dark. Crew members came out to put sandbags on the legs of the tent. The message over the PA system said it was a full evacuation, and that people should take shelter in their cars or in the cars of others. They were told to check SOS social media for updates.

Festgoers quickly dispersed, with many taking shelter under the various wooden structures around the fairgrounds — gazebos, bars, the wall as the forest gate. Rain grew increasingly hard, turning every wooden mead hall a darker shade of brown. As festival staff made the rounds, they told all gathered that they needed to exit the park completely.

Outside the gates, festgoers made a break for their cars and the two shuttles outside, dodging growing puddles and muddy mounds and jumping over parking lot caution tape. Those unlucky enough to take the shuttle were taken back to Mohawk and told to wait until the next opportunity to come back.

EARLIER: Severe weather in the area has caused the inaugural Sound on Sound Fest in Sherwood Forest Faire in McDade, Texas to evacuate.

From the festival: Due to an approaching storm and warnings from the National Weather Service, we have decided – in consultation with appropriate agencies – to evacuate the festival grounds. Please seek shelter in cars. If you do not have a car please exit towards the shuttles. If you have a car with extra space and are able please invite others into your vehicle. Please continue to stay in your place of shelter until updated by festival staff.  Check social media  (@SOSFestTX on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook) for updates.

Due to extreme weather we will be evacuating the festival grounds. See evacuation instructions here: https://t.co/aVxJMtG9rZ #SOSFest

— Sound on Sound Fest (@SOSFestTX) November 6, 2016