The first Sound on Sound festival is roaring in the Sherwood Forest. It’s one big hearty turkey leg of a festival where punk legends officiate a real-life wedding, kids of all kinds dance on a skateboard ramp, and big-on-Spotify bands like Beach House and Purity Ring totally own it as headlining entity.

Mud, travel time, and tobacco sponsors galore notwithstanding, patrons will point to year one someday and recall the zany sights and sounds. Here are 10 slabs of that unique, bold magic–in GIF form.

1) The skateboard ramp dance party, which sprang up well after midnight.

2) Big Boi brought the ATL heat to the ATX.

3) Sherwood Forest jugglers: Always in character.

4) Anarchy Championship Wrestling

5) Horsey coaster ride!

6) Fantastic Austin artists. 

7) Beach House, in the crisp night air.

8) Philly guitarist and bedroom pop technician Alex G.

9) Purity Ring’s Blanton Museum-esque light art installation took forever to erect, but man was it luminous and transfixing.

10) General frivolity and good vibes all around.