(File photo) Tim Heidecker in “The Comedy.”

By Ramon Ramirez, special to the American-Statesman Forty-year-old Allentown, Pennsylvania funnyman Tim Heidecker was punctual and hilarious Saturday evening at Sound on Sound’s comedy stage. Even if it came at the expense of the poor stage hand. The “Bridesmaids” actor played a meta, hack comic who projects his insecurities and takes it out on the sound guy. It’s Trump-age vitriol for grumpy porches, perfectly channeled. He’ll do gigs where the whole set is him falling over a microphone stand, or addressing hecklers. His 2016 Laurel Canyon-inspired rock album “In Glendale” is everyman soul for people too hungover to make it into the office. He had lots of zingers, too. Here are the day’s best: Riffing on Austin’s confusingly named festivals: “It’s great to be here at Sound by Southwest.” Riffing on the festival setting: “Can we turn the music off in the back?” And later: “Give it up for Paul Simon, on the main stage.” And then taking his anger out on the staff, mocking diva talent: “Can we lose 10 percent of me on the monitor, now please?” When Heidecker played charades with the crowd, only to spell out the phrase, “When are we going to address domestic violence?” Riffing on the presidential election: “Don’t blame me, I wanted Mike Huckabee.” Complaining about the audience: “Dallas last night, standing ovation. … I know you don’t care about nuance.” More straight-faced bile hurled at organizers: “They gotta tent this off, you can’t have leaves coming onstage.” Peddling his wife’s pretend business like an Amway salesman who invites you over to dinner with ulterior motives: “It’s called MixMyCandles.com.” Turning infomercial televangelist, and preaching the virtues of Keurig, only to misspell “Keurig”: “It’s like living in ‘Star Wars’ … How many people would buy this today, if they could?” ]]