Festival attendees grapple with pool noodles at Sound On Sound Festival on November, 5 2016. Dave Creaney/AMERICAN-STATESMAN

As soon as Denzel Curry’s signature blonde dreads are recognized as he enters the stage on Friday night at Sound on Sound Festival 2016, the crowd erupts in anticipation.

“Put your U’s up,” he instructed the crowd.

The crowd responded appropriately, sticking their hands in the air — their middle and ring fingers down, thumb tucked in, forming a “U.”

This is a reference to his song “Ult” on his newest album, “Imperial.”

“Are y’all ult?” Curry asked the crowd.

The audience began chanting “Ult, ult.”

Ult meaning ultimate.

Curry has another song titled “Ultimate” off his summer 2015 album “32 Zel/Planet Shrooms,” but it was obvious that he was saving that one for later.

Curry played a mixture of songs from his newest 10-track album.

Just as one thought the crowd couldn’t get more hyped, the signature whistle from Rob Stones “Chill Bill” softly escaped through the audience.

Curry, who is featured on the song, bounced around on stage as the beat dropped and the crowd turned rowdy.

Halfway through the set, Curry gave a shoutout to two little kids standing at the front of the stage.

“Shoutout to this mom who brought her kids to my show,” Curry said. “That’s chill, that’s chill.”

He told the crowd to watch out for them, as audience members began to crowd-surf.

Curry slowed down the pace with “This Life.” Pink and purple lights shined on the listening faces as they swayed back in forth.

The peaceful moment didn’t last long. “Ultimate” comes on as the last song, on and the hyped up crowd was back.

“That was lit,” an audience member said as he left his set.