All sorts of oddities dotted the inaugural Sound on Sound Festival, with sideshow bookings that included live podcasts, a dating game and something called “Air Sex Champions” accompanying the dozens of bands performing. But none was as intriguing as the Saturday afternoon slot that the schedule listed simply as “Catherine & Ryan’s Wedding.”

Catherine Hillmer and Ryan Lopez tied the knot on the Globe Stage, an intimate small-theater-style grove with wooden benches and a center aisle perfect for the bride’s entrance. A few dozen festgoers, including family members of both the bride and the groom, attended the brief but charming ceremony. The ceremonial officiant’s presentation was a bit lackluster, but he got a boost from a couple of knights, one of whom challenged the groom’s worthiness of the bride.

The ring bearer gives the rings to bride and groom Catherine Hillmer and Ryan Lopez during the SOS Fest wedding on Saturday, Nov. 4, 2016. Peter Blackstock/American-Statesman

“I love this woman with all my heart,” Lopez answered, a reply charming enough to win over both the knight and the crowd. As a band called Holy Matrimony performed behind them, they spoke their vows to each other, then embraced with a kiss as the officiant declared them to be married.

It all happened fairly quickly; even counting the parting nod of a fire dancer greeting them as they stepped offstage, they didn’t even use the full 30 minutes allotted to them. But they made a grand exit, walking back out the center aisle as knights touched swords to create an arch over their heads. Well, mostly swords: Some of them, fittingly, held aloft electric guitars.