In honor of the sweetest of holidays, Iíve put together a list of three desserts Iíve loved at restaurants that have opened since last Halloween.

The símores tartufo at LíOca díOro reached precariously toward the sky like a dessert Tower of Pisa featured a graham cracker base, balls of hazelnut and caramel gelato, a dripping chocolate cap and a gooey coat of toasted marshmallow cream. It looked like a bunch of tartufos had jumped on top of each other and draped themselves in a trenchcoat like a wobbly caricature detective in a kidís book. (Credit: Jay Janner)

Geraldineís: A dense peanut butter semifreddo with chocolate cereal milk ice cream and cocoa crunchies that evoked the sugary breakfasts-in-a-box my mother would never let me have as a kid. (Credit: Rodolfo Gonzalez)

Executive pastry chef Amanda Rockmanís signature golden Basque cake (right) laced with bright citrus and given sweet depth and complexity from charred dates and the rich tingle of speculoos at dinner at Cafe No Se. (Credit: Ricardo B. Brazziell) On the left,† a chocolate butterscotch semifreddo with coconut brittle.