OK, guys, prepare yourselves for this.

HELL’S KITCHEN: Chef Gordon Ramsay returns on the Season 11 premiere of HELL’S KITCHEN airing Tuesday, March 12 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. 2013 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Patrick Wymore/FOX

Here’s the thing: Gordon Ramsay came to Austin this weekend, and of course, he visited Franklin Barbecue. According to his Instagram, he ordered a giant tray of meat, bread, coleslaw, potato salad and allllll the trimmings.

So, we need to talk about this. Ramsay visited Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday night and talked about the trip to Franklin (Kimmel’s no stranger to Austin and its barbecue-related charms), but his visit wasn’t without drama: He skipped the line. He SKIPPED. THE. LINE.

Just seconds into the conversation, Kimmel asks Ramsay, “Did you wait in the line? Because the line goes around the corner. And they say they never let anyone cut the line.”

And that’s when Ramsay gets visibly uncomfortable.


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“Chefs have a bit of a bond,” Ramsay says, “So we sort of look after each other. So to answer that question, no, I didn’t.”

Guess it pays to be buddies with Aaron Franklin himself. Before Ramsay, as far as we know, President Barack Obama was the only person to have the pleasure of skipping the famously long line at Franklin (sorry, Kanye).

This is sure to get Austinites a little salty, but the good news is that Ramsay called the food “delicious” and “brilliant.” He didn’t eat at all on his 16-hour flight to Austin from Dubai just so he could prepare his stomach for the epic meal ahead of him.

But even going 16 hours without eating wasn’t enough for Ramsay to scarf down a barbecue meal for two, since he told Kimmel it was the first time he’s ever taken home leftovers from a restaurant — and he gave them to his driver, apparently a local who had never eaten Franklin because he couldn’t take time off to wait in the line. Good Guy Gordon.