Au jus-tice for Barb? Delicious, devilish dishes inspired by Netflix’s “Stranger Things” are only a press-play away.

(Photo via Netflix)

The streaming entertainment service has uploaded two videos in a series dubbed “Netflix Kitchen” to YouTube. That sounds charming. Can you find recipes for Orange Is the New Blackberry Pie? Daredeviled Eggs, maybe made with Luke Cage-free eggs? No, the dishes served up so far are equally clever but hideously darker. Kinda like “Stranger Things,” come to think of it.

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Receiving the lion’s share of the online chatter: “French Onion Barb,” a soup inspired by and fashioned in the post-mortem likeness of the horror show’s fan-favorite ancillary character, the bespectacled Barb Holland. A savory, cheesy delight that resembles the corpse of a dead teenager slain by an extra-dimensional demogorgon, the recipe calls back to the scene where telekinetic sweetheart Eleven (played by Millie Bobby Brown) psychically discovers the goo-covered, slug-infested remains of the show’s resident wet blanket (played by Shannon Purser) in the dark Upside-Down realm.


So, just to be clear, this is French onion soup with a pizza dough version of Barb’s head floating at the top of the bowl. Also, covered in lightly toasted Swiss cheese. Also, you’re supposed to make a little bread replica of Barb trying to escape her death at the bottom of an empty, netherworld swiming pool and affix it to the side of the bowl. Yum!

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Significantly less evocative of cannibalism and flesh decay but equally suitable for your Halloween weekend party: the “Demogorgon Pie,” an ornate pastry inspired by the aforementioned monster terrorizing the world of “Stranger Things.” A flaky fall treat, that pumpkin-cherry-blackberry pie is flanked on all sides by almond-encrusted crust flaps, meant to mimic the demogorgon’s gaping, “Little Shop of Horrors”-esque maw.


The recipes are both on Netflix’s YouTube channel, and I’m eagerly awaiting potential future installments. Can anyone say “Winona Ryder’s A-Z Christmas Cookies”? Seems like a good use of gumdrops.