Bike Austin will host a pedal to the polls even on Oct. 27. Photo by Pam LeBlanc


Want to pedal to the polls?

Bike Austin officials will lead a parade of bicyclists on a mile-long ride to an early voting site where they will cast ballots on Oct. 27.

The group will meet at 7:45 a.m. at the Bike Austin offices, 1000 Brazos Street, for coffee and breakfast tacos. From there, they’ll bike to City Hall at 301 W. Second Street.

“I think it’ll be a fun thing to do to encourage people to come out, ride a bike and show power in numbers,” says Mercedes Feris, executive director of Bike Austin. “It shows that people do ride bikes. It shows we have a strong community in the bike world.”

The non-profit organization, which advocates for all things cycling in Austin, also hopes participants will vote for Proposition 1 in the local election.

The $720 million proposition includes $482 million for “smart corridors” that would add bike lanes, wider sidewalks, medians and more to nine main streets in the city. It also includes $137 million for “local mobility,” primarily funding sidewalks, bikeways and trails. Another $101 million would pay for “regional mobility” projects on larger streets and some area highways.

“It means a whole new opportunity for people to ride safely if they choose to ride a bike, for children to have a safe route to school, and to build infrastructure that will eliminate traffic fatalities,” Ferris says. “If we can encourage Austinites to get out of their cars and ride or walk or do something active, imagine the overall health impact and the environmental impact.”

Early voting begins Oct. 24 in Travis County. The regular election is Nov. 8.

For more information about Bike Austin’s event, go here.