It’s time for MondoCon 3, which takes place Oct. 22-23 at the Austin Film Society Cinema (6226 Middle Fiskville Road) and the Holiday Inn Midtown Conference Center.

Mondo is, of course, the graphics and merch arm of the Alamo Drafthouse. Mondo is most famous for their limited-edition, screen-printed posters based on film, television and comic properties, and MondoCon is a celebration of all things Mondo.

It is a celebration of, in a word, stuff.

No, really. The "stuffness" of Mondo is very deliberate, what with its focus on collectibles, vinyl records and things one can hang on a wall.

One of the stuff achievements Mondo unlocked this year? Their own beer, called Con Beer, a hoppy lager brewed by Austin Beerworks.

"It is being canned even as we speak," MondoCon head cheese Justin Brookhart said Wednesday.

The halls at AFC will be packed with poster artists such as Austinite Becky Cloonan, Olly Moss (a British artist Brookhart describes as a huge get for the fest), comics artist Jock, and Jay Shaw.

At one event, called "Mondo Live: Draw & Design," Moss, Jock and Shaw will be participating in a live jam to create a poster in real time.

"The audience will pick the movie, and then those three will draw it," Brookhart said.

Elsewhere, composer Clint Mansell will be in attendance to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Darren Aronofsky’s "The Fountain" and the release of a new Mondo vinyl for the soundtrack. "A Clockwork Orange," also celebrating an anniversary (45 years), will screen in glorious 35mm at the convention with a surprise limited-edition screen print from artist Rory Kurtz.

Panels include such topics as a behind-the-scenes look at how Mondo creates its collectible toys, a discussion of the state of soundtracks in 2016 and a panel on the popular site (Look for a review of OMGPosters’ new book next month in the American-Statesman.)

There is also a silent auction featuring rare posters and a mess of food trucks, including Frank Hotdogs, Micklethwait Craft Meats, Vegan Nom and many more.

Tickets are $90 for both days and $45 for Saturday or Sunday only. While 75 percent of the seats have been held for RSVPs, there will be a line for the remaining 25 percent of seats, plus any no-show RSVP spots. It is possible the screenings will be sold out at press time; check for updates.

— Joe Gross

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