This election cycle is a trying time for many Americans. Caught between “Make America Great Again” and “I’m With Her,” some of us just don’t know where to turn.

Many Americans have pledged to flee to the Great White North if their unfavorable presidential candidate wins, a sentiment heard almost every four years.

But let’s not kid ourselves, Canada’s pretty cool. We’ve got that country to thank for Drake, ice hockey, instant replay, the athletic cup, basketball (James Naismith was Canadian-American) and the paint roller, among other things.

Wikimedia Commons.

Our polite Canadian friends like us, too. In fact, they think America’s pretty great already.

Living up to their “nice to a fault” stereotype, a group of Canadians has started a social media campaign to encourage Americans this election season.

In a video titled “Tell America It’s Great,” Toronto-based creative agency The Garden Collective rounds up a bunch of Canadians, who earnestly and unironically tell Americans what they love about the U.S.A.

“Hey, guys! We’re just up here in Canada talking about how great you guys are down there, and we thought we’d just send you a little bit of a love note,” one man in the video says to start things off.

Among the things these particular Canadians like about us, according to the video:

We invented the Internet We’re “going to get humanity to Mars” When things are tough, we “fight to make them better” Our musical gifts to the world, like jazz music, bluegrass, R&B and hip-hop Our diversity

The video was posted to the “Tell America It’s Great” website on Oct. 13. The hashtag #TellAmericaThatItsGreat was started as a twist on Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again,” The Garden Collective founder Shari Walczak told the “New York Times” Monday. “We look at [the election] through a Canadian lens, but all of us have friends, family and colleagues who live in America. We realized they’re immersed in it day-in and day-out and how awful that must feel.”

After the campaign took off on Twitter, other Canadians chimed in with a few of their favorite American things.

U guys have freaking NASA, a publicly funded agency working to better the whole world. You guys are awesome #tellamericaitsgreat

— Leanne J (@leannestravels) October 18, 2016

The American can do attitude – courage and patience to put your head down and work toward your dreams is inspiring #TellAmericaItsGreat

— Austin (@au1158) October 18, 2016

@NorthDakota it is gorgeous. And so are you. Great people, great state, great neighbours. #tellamericaitsgreat I ❤ you friends

— chatty catty (@janwinnipeg) October 18, 2016

"I am race" is an anagram for "America." Y'all are literally made of diversity! #tellamericaitsgreat

— Alyssa Chan (@AlyssaKChan) October 18, 2016

And Americans returned the sentiments right back.

Awesome move by a Canadian ad agency. We needed this! #ChapmanDigital #tellamericaitsgreat

— Melissa Jerome (@BlueHenMel) October 18, 2016

Don't know about you, but the #tellamericaitsgreat campaign has boosted my spirits

— Betsy Hubbard (@BetsyHubbard) October 18, 2016

When your friend and upstairs neighbor knows you could just use a hug. Thx , we needed that! #TellAmericaItsGreat

— Alex (@AlxWrghtTwtr) October 18, 2016

I love Canada so much. #TellCanadaThankYou #TellAmericaItsGreat our neighbors to the North are stellar

— Alex Bergland (@alexbirdlegs) October 18, 2016

Take a  look at the full video below, and maybe tell your Canadian friends that you appreciate ’em, eh?