With makeup from left are Ryan Holmes, Andrew Odom, Michael Wood, Lynsie Earnest and Phil Parada. In back without makeup is Hunter Demyen. They are in line of the Insane Clown Posse concert at Stubbs. They are all from Austin and have been in line since this afternoon. The music is described as a mix between rap, rock and hip-hop. Insane Clown Posse is from Detroit. The line to get in stretched for more than two city blocks, with people from as far away as Chicago who came to see the show. American-Statesman 2001.

In the midst of this very strange and divisive political season, a rash of threatening clown sightings have been shaking the nation. Rolling Stone calls  “killer clown” season a hoax, but it’s one that hits close to home. Earlier this month, four teens were arrested related to clown threats in Bastrop and a “chainsaw toting individual dressed as a clown” was sighted in San Marcos.

Insane Clown Posse, the horror core rap duo that has made “terrifying clown” a guiding aesthetic for over 25 years, hits Empire Garage on Friday night.  But don’t panic, ICP rapper Violent J spoke out about this year’s clown hysteria in an op-ed for Time.

“ICP has discovered over the last decade, there’s a whole army of scary, terrifying and dangerous clowns out there in this country trying to suppress the rights of thousands of people to exercise the most basic part of the Declaration of Independence, which evokes the freedom to ‘Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.’ The only difference is these clowns don’t wear greasepaint,” Violent J wrote.

Through the years, ICP has faced censorship and rejection from the mainstream music industry. In 2011, the FBI labeled their fans, members of a widely misunderstood subculture who refer to themselves as Juggalos, a hybrid gang. Violent J says the classification had serious repercussions for their followers from police profiling to loss of employment.

For this reason ICP shrugs off any killer clown nonsense and instead, the band is calling upon its followers to gather next year for a march on Washington D.C. The Juggalo March is scheduled for September 16, 2017.

As the Juggalos would say. Whoop whoop.