Pate a choux dough is used to make cream puffs and cheese puffs, as well as eclairs. Photo by Tina Phan.

I conquered another baking project!

As part of our ongoing Year of Baking series, I made cream puffs from pâte à choux, a word I’d never heard of until I was well into adulthood.

To learn the technique, I took a pâte à choux class at Make It Sweet, which is one of their most popular, I was surprised to find out.

In today’s food section, you can read about about why cream puffs and eclairs are making a comeback and how you can make them at home, even if you don’t consider yourself an expert baker.

I’ve been hearing from lots of readers who loved our brownie recipes from last month, as well as others who have tried the cherry wheat germ muffins from January. Next month, we’re making quick breads, but let us know what other kinds of baking projects you want to learn about!