Sink your teeth into this, frugal foodies: After a climbing since 2013, the wholesale price of brisket is falling, according to Texas Monthly’s TMBBQ.

Barbecue editor Daniel Vaughn, via the magazine’s meat platform, writes that it will take a little while for restaurant menus to reflect the decrease in wholesale costs. On the other hand, according to the blog post, the price of beef overall is still around its peak.

(Photo by Laura Skelding/American-Statesman)

Why? TMBBQ quotes Gary Morrison, a beef market reporter:

 “We have not seen the burst in interest for barbecue heading into the demand period that we saw last year.”

In other words, big chains aren’t buying up as much brisket as they have been, and Vaughn predict that will be good bottom-line news for independent barbecue joints. Read more at TMBBQ.