This breakfast features cottage cheese mixed with yogurt and sprinkled with cinnamon. Photo from Karen Gingrich.

In last week’s food section, I asked readers for their favorite cottage cheese toppings.

It was part of our ongoing conversation about food based around this #Austin360Cooks hashtag. @nutritionnextdoor had posted a photo of cottage cheese with cherries, which prompted me to pose the question to others.

I was delighted to get some fun answers from readers, mostly via email. Here are some snippets of your responses:

You asked about cottage cheese.  I love it! The best brand around here is HEB’s. I eat it with diced avocado and a sprinkling of seasoned salt, like Lowry’s.  In the ’60s we used to make a “salad” or dip with mashed avocado, cottage cheese and the seasoned salt. That would still work well, but it is less trouble to just layer them and eat!

— Kay Weiland

I believe you asked your readers to tell you what they liked to eat on cottage cheese. Interesting question because my husband and I have a difference of opinion.  He grew up in Pennsylvania eating applesauce on cottage cheese, as well as apple butter, which is a Dutch custom and understandable. I’d never heard of the applesauce custom. When I lived In Bermuda, the father of a friend of mine mentioned being served pineapple on cottage cheese on an airplane flight, which he thought was strange.  I told him that it was very common in the U.S. My husband also likes pickled beets on it, which I do, too. Any kind of fruit, like apricots or peaches is good. I also like sliced tomatoes on it, which my husband doesn’t. I read once that Pres. Nixon liked ketchup on it, which both my husband and I think is strange. We’ve never tried it and don’t want to.

— Sharon Tomkins

Here’s an easy cottage cheese favorite breakfast of mine. See pic. Great source of calcium, especially for women, is delicious and very easy to fix.

1 cinnamon/raisin English muffin
1/4 cup cottage cheese
1 dollop of vanilla yogurt
1 dollop of plain yogurt

While toasting the muffin, mix together cottage cheese and yogurts in a small bowl. When toast is crispy, spoon cheese/yogurt mixture evenly on the muffin tops and sprinkle with cinnamon.

— Karen Gingrich

Now that it’s August, it’s time for a new gallery of #Austin360Cooks photos. Here’s what you’ve submitted so far:

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