In 2012 the Museum of Modern Art announced that it would begin to acquire video games — yes, including Pac-man — for its esteemed collection. Paola Antonelli, the MoMA’s design and architecture  curator who made that decision, is a keynote speaker at SXSW Interactive. Antonelli discusses her love Pac-man among other topics in this Q-and-A.


Many cried foul hot-mouthed art critic Jerry Saltz was shut out of his Facebook account, presumably because Facebook felt his images of medieval and ancient art were too racy. However, Saltz is back on the social media site. And with n explanation from Facebook, either continue to post.

The Smithsonian museums in Washington are among the latest cultural institutions around the world that have banned the use of selfie sticks. Officials say it’s a preventative measure to protect museum objects. Perhaps it’s also to protect hapless visitors from the instruments of narcissism.

Book fans have been atwitter since it was announced in December that the reclusive writer Harper Lee would publish a second novel more than half a century after her masterpiece, “To Kill A Mockingbird.”However many contend that the 88-year-old’s mental health is not the in state in which she could have made such decision. Lee netted a Pulitzer for “Mockingbird” which has never been out of print since it debuted in 1960. (