NadaMoo’s fake April Fool’s ice cream.

It’s only 10 a.m., and I’ve already decided that Nada Moo’s breast milk ice cream is the worst food prank of the day.

According to the release, the two flavors — Vanilla Boo-berry and Double D-ark Chocolate — are the result of a partnership with “a local Austin breastmilk bank for all of their sourcing” and are “now exclusively available on their website and in select natural and specialty retailers nationwide.”

From the release:

This is the first foray outside of coconut milk based products for the frozen dessert company. Staying true to their roots, all breastmilk will be sourced from vegan females who have followed a strict all organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free diet for at least five calendar years. NadaMoo! has provided all the nursing females with Bamboobies, all natural nursing pads made with renewable bamboo, to make their experience more comfortable. With so much science behind the healing and recovery properties and high nutritional value of human breastmilk, NadaMoo! wanted to be the first to market with a breastmilk based product.

Unlike the breast milk-flavored lollipops from the Austin-based Lollyphile, which are actually a real thing (and that I have some similar qualms with), this is obviously a prank. Breastmilk is a precious commodity for prenatal babies and those suffering from health problems. It costs about $2 per ounce, and there would be all kinds of legal hoops for NadaMoo to go through to sell it.

But that’s not the point. My point is that when you play on the idea that breastmilk is “gross” or “other,” you do nothing to help fight the stigma that breastfeeding mothers already face.

Mothers who openly breastfeed face harassment and public shaming, and even though NadaMoo includes positive information about the nutritional value and “healing and recovery properties” of breastmilk, the prank puts breastfeeding women (and their “Double D-ark” breasts and the life-saving milk they produce) as the butt of an April Fools’ joke.

(And what’s up with that Bamboobies plug? Think there was some kind of business partnership to include that link? Any breastfeeding woman would tell you that a good pump is far more important than a good nursing pad “to make their experience more comfortable.”)

Yes, I’m a curmudgeon about pranks.

I also spent two years of my life breastfeeding and know how hard the Mother’s Milk Bank, an actual organization that is too busy saving lives to give their supply to an ice cream company, works to normalize the idea that a breastfeeding mother might donate her excess milk.

Maybe you’ll donate to them today instead of falling for NadaMoo’s silly joke.

Or better yet, maybe NadaMoo will make a donation to the milk bank instead of using them for publicity.