Friday was a bad night to be a Crystal Castles fan. First, a scary bout of lightning in downtown Austin pushed the South by Southwest set times at Stubb’s later than planned. Then Canadian electronic act, originally slated to hit the stage at 10 p.m., didn’t go on until well after 11 p.m. Once Ethan Kath, joined by new singer Edith Frances in a beret and overcoat, did begin the set, the skittering sonic clash only lasted about 10-15 minutes.

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The band left the stage abruptly. What a waste of the white LED bracelets handed out in front of the venue.

While the “Not In Love” group was actually on the stage — which looked like a dragon, such was the smoke vomiting into the amphitheater — their performance was loud, post-verbal, loud, nightmarish, loud, tinny and cacophonous. Which, truth be told, is pretty on-brand. But fans at Stubb’s were confused and audibly upset by the premature denouement.

Crystal Castles just played the most disappointing set in the history of #SXSW at Stubb's.

— Louis Impagliazzo (@slyfocks) March 19, 2016

#crystalcastles so disappointed …. šŸ˜¦
Waited in the rain and lighting …. oh well šŸ’”

— Sofia Alvarado (@MsSofie87) March 19, 2016

So what happened? According to reports on social media, sound issues might have been to blame.

Crystal Castles have walked off after two songs at Stubbs due to sound issues #sxatsxsw#sxsw

— the AU @ SXSW (@AUSXSW) March 19, 2016

@thefreenoms@SXSWalls@CRYSTALCASTLESS@CameronAtSX@SXSWhoa I talked to the drummer, technical difficulties led to no playtime.

— oliver wang (@hellomotto821) March 19, 2016

Plus @CRYSTALCASTLESS walked off stage due to tech issues #SXSW#music#Austin

— Austin101 Magazine (@Austin101blog) March 19, 2016

Crystal Castles just WALKED OFF STAGE after 3 songs bc Stubb's couldn't get their sound right. Horrible. #sxsw@WhoaCo@SXSWMF@CameronAtSX

— Rudy (@ClubCouncilman) March 19, 2016

That could check out. Santigold, who performed more than an hour later after Charli XCX and Sophie, spent her entire set pressing the production crew to correct her own sound difficulties.

Regardless of reason, a two or three song set was probably not part of Crystal Castles’ plan for the evening.

This is the set Crystal Castles was supposed to play at SXSW

— Louis Impagliazzo (@slyfocks) March 19, 2016

Friday night’s fiasco was not the band’s only SXSW dust-up this year. Crystal Castles was removed from a Tumblr showcase highlighting feminist issues after comments made by Kath in the past about the band’s ex-singer Alice Glass resurfaced online.