This story out of France, where officials are warning parents that their children could sue them for violating their privacy over Facebook posts.

So, parents, should we be rethinking what we’re posting? We love the naked baby in the bathtub, the child smearing poop all over their room, the messy first birthday cake photos, but …

When that kid is a teenager, how will he or she feel about those posts.

Lately, my own 12-year-old daughter Googled herself and found plenty of photos, stories and blog posts about her. When she was in elementary school, she loved that I had a job writing about her and would even tell me that I wrote about her brother too much and not enough about her.

Now that has changed. She wants her privacy back. She’s horrified that I posted a letter she wrote from camp… and now thinking back, I do wonder if will her letter trying to shake me down for money might be something a future employer will look at. Will it reflect badly on her 10 years later?

We warn our kids that anything they post as teenagers or in college will have lasting impact on them with future employers who now Google potential hires as well as search for them on social media sites. Perhaps we should be warning ourselves.