The website and recent Microsoft project uses artificial intelligence to identify dog breeds based on a photo. But unsurprisingly, people have been taking the software and using it on pictures of themselves:

What Dog gets me way more than my psychiatrist does

— Emily Reynolds (@rey_z) February 11, 2016

Here is me at 17 and the results at What Dog dot Net

— Richard Hay (@WinObs) February 11, 2016

In case your day isn't quite made yet, here's calling me "agile."

— Bodil (@bodil) February 12, 2016

In honor of tonight’s GOP debate in South Carolina, here are the six remaining presidential candidates filtered through

While the software recognizes faces, it does have its limits:

Good job, @Microsoft.

— Izzy Galvez (@iglvzx) February 12, 2016

Fair enough, What-Dog Robot.