Eric and Leslee Massey at Wet Salon.

STYLE: Wet Salon at 15. Periodically, as I’m walking along South Congress Avenue, I am greeted on the sidewalk by a man with relaxed grin and spirited eyes. Eric Massey has been styling hair at Wet Salon for 15 years with his business partner, Jimmy Haddox. Eric’s wife, Leslee Massey, also works there. To celebrate the anniversary, the owners took a group to Cozumel, Mexico, and currently they are showing the art of their stylists at the salon, located in the SoCo building just north of Doc’s Motorworks. Cool to hang with them a few minutes and learn about their singular styles. Profile soon? I do think so.

Tiffany Yates Martin and Brenda Thompson at the Texas Book Festival Author Line-Up Party.

BOOKS: Texas Book Festival Author Line-Up Party.  Great to see some friends, such as Tiffany Yates Martin and Asher Price, among the authors lining up at the Texas Book Festival preview party. Of course, fest leaders didn’t read out loud the long list of 300 authors, but they did outline the activities the group does during the year. That is, when they are not conducting is Austin’s most substantive free festival. Every year, 40,000 readers show up to hear and maybe meet their favorite writers. Here’s the Statesman’s story on the line-up, including the top names,such as Margaret Atwood and Taye Diggs, who will appear at the First Edition Literary Gala — this one costs — on Oct. 16.

CITY: Regional airport, commuter rail hot topics at Austin-San Antonio Growth Summit. Taken from Sergio Chapa‘s story in the San Antonio Business Journal: “San Antonio and Austin need to consider building a regional airport between the two cities, said Mayor Ivy Taylor on Thursday at the Austin-San Antonio Growth Summit in San Marcos. The regional airport was among the discussions at the summit, which drew a sold-out crowd of 600 people. The Lone Star Rail, a commuter train that would run from Georgetown to South San Antonio, was also supported by political and business leaders there, who hope to see the line running by 2020. In order to benefit from this growth, we need to think as a region,” Taylor said.”