With temperatures predicted to hit triple digits this weekend in Austin, here’s our picks for cool cultural getaways — i.e., things happening inside museums, galleries and theaters.

Going deep:There’s nothing sweet and innocent about Natalie Frank’s drawings that accompany the folk tales of the Brothers Grimm on view at the Blanton Museum of Art

Laughs and chortles:At Grayduck Gallery, a pair of shows go for wry laughs

Stitching stories: With artistry, contemporary story quilts chart 400 years of African-American history in an exhibit at the Bullock Texas State History Museum.

Writing family:Austin playwright Elizabeth Doss mines her family’s adventurous history from West Texas to the Dominican Republic in her new play "Mast"

Big and beguiling:At the Contemporary Austin’s Jones Center, contemplate Robert Therrien’s impeccably hyper-realistic and enormous metal folding chairs and two tables