I had to do a double take when I saw a new product from Upton’s Naturals at Wheatsville recently: a vegan “barbecue” made with jackfruit, an Asian fruit whose texture mimics meat, they say.

I’m all for meat substitutes — heck, I’m even a Soylent fan — but I wasn’t so sure about jackfruit masquerading as one of Texas’ beloved state foods. I’d never had jackfruit, but I decided to try it for my Deskside Dish livestream earlier this week, which I do every Wednesday around lunchtime on the Austin360 Facebook page.

I also tried a new cassava and coconut flour tortilla from the Austin-based Siete, which also makes an almond flour tortilla that I have already had (and enjoyed). It’s gluten-free and Paleo-friendly but made with lard, so not suitable for vegetarians.

PS: It was only just now that I realized why Upton’s Naturals has Upton in its name.