Streaks of multicolor face paint. Neon clothing. These are all par for the course at a Walk the Moon show.

Walk The Moon performs on the Miller Lite stage at Austin City Limits Music Festival on Saturday, Oct. 10, 2015. (Suzanne Cordeiro for AMERICAN-STATESMAN)

Much like the first weekend of Austin City Limits Music Festival, the Ohio band attached jumper cables to a hot Saturday afternoon on the Honda stage, attracting a massive crowd with their tireless crowdwork and inescapable hooks. Unlike the first weekend, they even got straight to business and played radio hit “Shut Up and Dance” in the first half of the set.

(Woe to any of the casual fans who streamed out of the crush after that and missed the rest of the excitement.)

Walk the Moon is a band that inspires loyalty — so much so that they have a ritual the perform with their fans before every performance of “I Can Lift a Car.” Indeed, plenty of folks camped out in the blazing sun an hour before the 5:20 p.m. show time. Among the early arrivals was first-timer Collin Eggers, who said that the band was the whole reason she came to ACL from Little Rock, Ark.

“I got out of bed at 3:30 on Friday morning and drove down here to start the festival,” Eggers said.

Doug Krantz of Los Angeles, himself colorful in green hair (though not inspired by the band), said he’s no stranger to Walk the Moon’s shows. He’s been listening to them since 2012, he said, and comes for the energy.

“They’re one of my favorite bands to see live,” Krantz said.

Eggers, too, brought a splash of color to Zilker Park, though her pastel face paint was a little less electric than Walk the Moon frontman Nicholas Petricca’s. However, Eggers said that she knew that a little body art was essential for a fan attending one of the band’s shows.

“I know color is really important to them,” Eggers said. (The band’s song “Different Colors,” off the album “Talking Is Hard,” is an ode to diversity of all kinds.)

“It’s just kind of a symbol of what they believe in, as far as equality.”