Wag! Let’s you schedule a walker for you dog and then you can watch by GPS where your dog is and what your dog is doing.

Now the secret life of your dog’s walks will be revealed.

Wag! a dog walking app allows you to set up a walk for your dog. Once you connect with a walker, the walker will take your dog on a 30-minute for $20 or 60-minute walk for $30. The app also alerts you when your dog has been picked up and allows you to follow your dog with the GPS Puppy Tracker.

If you’ve ever wondered how often your dog does his business and what kind of business it is, Wag! walkers will put a pin on a GPS map with an poop or pee emoji everywhere your dog did that particular business. It lets you know your dog’s favorite spots as well as how often his bowel or bladder is talking to him. (It also might make you want to do something nice for that neighbor whose lawn your dog seems to love.)

Wag! also sends you video of your happy dog. And when the walk is finished, you get a Pup Report with the distance and time traveled and the “pee and poo” record.

This week Wag! also introduced pet sitting and boarding. The rates start at $50 a night for one dog, $30 for additional dogs in the same house.

The Wag! app is available on Apple App Store.