Halfway through his 30 minute afternoon set, 22-year-old breakout rapper Vince Staples got personal. "My brother died at 4 a.m. off the Xanax," he said. His fallen friend was a reformed gang banger who was trying to get his life together and take care of his family, he said. "So this is very uncomfortable for me. I’m having a very bad time, but you’re having a very good time."

It was a moment made more real by the fact he prefaced the confession by asking the audience who was high on drugs. A good 30 percent of the kids in the young thick crowd threw their hands in the air. "Take care of y’all selves," he said before charging hard into "Jump Off the Roof," a standout track off his new double album "Summertime ’06."

He might have been feeling off, but he still put in a solid set, delivering on the hype that’s been building around him all year long. He threw down competent flows over a variety of grooves and even went a Capella early on "65 Hunnid."

In between tracks he talked about the hard (expletive), Black Lives Matter, and told the crowd to (expletive) the police both real and fictional. (Matlock, Hawaii 5-0 and CSI cops were all called out alongside the Austin police and the boys in blue from his native Long Beach.

He took the set out throwing down hard from the front of the crowd on "Blue Suede." The thousands who turned out turned way up setting the rapper up for a return to Austin on a bigger stage and hopefully, for his sake, a much better day.