Texas Longhorns fans celebrate a win against Oklahoma Sooners 24-17 in the NCAA college football game at the AT&T Red River Rivalry Cotton Bowl Stadium in Dallas Texas Saturday, Oct 10, 2015. (RICARDO B. BRAZZIELL / AMERICAN-STATESMAN)

Have you ever gone to a party and done something you’re not exactly proud of? Well, whatever memory just came to mind may or may not not beat the stories students at the University of Texas had to share on Twitter this week.

The hashtag #utpartystories started trending yesterday, when students began reflecting on some of their craziest nights while attending UT. Let’s just say the full thread is a wild ride.

Some of the #UTpartystories are not things you should be proud of

— Aarthi ♡ (@AarthiSrini96) July 1, 2016

#UTPartyStories is my favorite hashtag

— Horacio (@imnothoracio) June 30, 2016

Though the hashtag can get pretty raunchy, there were some that were all-around amusing. Careful, you might just get a little nostalgic for your own college days.

There was this patriotic tale.

#UTpartystories leaving Red White and Booze at 4am with a bunch of flags running in the streets screaming USA

— Maigin Hightower (@MaiginMakenzi) July 1, 2016

This lucky Longhorn.

That time when the RA came into the dorm room to bust our party but I was in the bathroom taking a dump so I got away clean #UTpartystories

— Naitik Singh (@NaitikSingh4) July 1, 2016

A glass for champions.

#UTpartystories When your drink is taller than you* pic.twitter.com/9RFE37YS0P

— Rio (@JulianRuiMateo) July 1, 2016

A night that turned sour.

Got drunk at a frat party, guy carried me out to the car, I threw up in his arms, & never went back to that frat party. #UTpartystories

— April ♡ (@_heyyapril) July 1, 2016

A date that didn’t go over too well.

#UTPartyStories is trending.. I once went to a frat formal. My date was completely wasted within an hour & proceeded to throw up in my lap🙃

— Kaley Nan (@kaleynan9) July 1, 2016

There are those strange things you’ll find at every frat party.

#utpartystories when you walk into a WWII themed party and… pic.twitter.com/k4Nwe39vNv

— Adiba Oiyshi (@adabonem) July 1, 2016

The real way to good grades.

#UTpartystories bonded with my TA by competing on who could keg stand the longest

— juantonio (@juan1antonio_) July 1, 2016

Sometimes, things just get a little out of control.

#utpartystories when you see some guy throw a keg off the balcony and you're just standing there like pic.twitter.com/38JDf2anQj

— Myk (@_getitdunn) July 1, 2016

These girls who did partying right.

#utpartystories the Sammy roundup party was at capacity and I was hungry so I had sushi delivered over the fence pic.twitter.com/ioIk0NNHes

— donutella versace (@mellooooooow) July 1, 2016

#UTPartyStories I once went to a frat party, stole a pizza, and left pic.twitter.com/2kpNP4q3jY

— ♦️Harley Quinn♠️ (@InfiniteCaitlin) July 1, 2016

And then there were also people who weren’t sure how smart publicly posting these stories were.

When you wanna participate in #UTPartyStories but have to keep a professional image on social media pic.twitter.com/raLMum7Dg1

— Anthony (@Extortion) July 1, 2016

Yeah… Ima keep my #utpartystories to myself. Lol. Ima do better this year though.

— Jamie. (@_LaShirrll) July 1, 2016

Me: I wanna partake in #UTpartystories

Summer: don't do it. Leave that in the past where it belongs

— Kelsey (@_kelseywong) July 1, 2016