King trumpet mushroom pappardelle with grilled sweet corn, at Vox Table. (Ricardo B. Brazziell AMERICAN-STATESMAN)

When you want to know about Austin dining, where better to turn than USA Today, which named the best restaurants in Austin as part of its 10 Best series. It’s not clear when the list published, but it includes a restaurant that opened this year, so it is fairly recent.

The list was written by local freelancer Shelley Seale and includes some curious choices (and a few very defensible ones). Two hotel restaurants, at Goodall’s at Hotel Ella and the Stella SanJac at the downtown Westin, made the list, as did solid but not exceptional choices like Buenos Aires Cafe and Andiamo. Topping the list? Vox Table. Rounding out the list? Parkside, though the credit/caption reads Moonshine. Read the complete list here, and for my list of the Top 25 restaurants in Austin, as well as 50 other critic’s picks, visit