Tom Abrahams

TV-newscaster-turned-author Tom Abrahams has a new novel available online and on store shelves.

“Allegiance Burned” is the latest release from Abrahams, who works for ABC-owned KTRK-TV in Houston. A follow-up to his last book, Austin-set “Allegiance,” it’s being distributed by publishing giant Simon and Schuster.

Here’s some of what to expect if you pick up a copy of the political thriller: “Guns. An heiress. Nuclear fission. Jackson Quick just couldn’t stay away. A scientist is murdered a mile beneath the earth, his secret laboratory exposed. A formula capable of shifting power among the world’s largest nations is missing and its rightful owner wants it back. After staying hidden for months, Quick is pulled back into the darkness he despises. Forced to face his demons and align himself with the very people who betrayed him, he agrees to hunt for the formula. Racing against time and an evil black-market czar, Quick crosses the globe in search of a mathematical equation so valuable that nations and terrorists will pay whatever the cost to control it. From the scientist’s lab in South Dakota, to London, Chernobyl, Ukraine, and Heidelberg, Germany, Quick uses his guile and good luck to outwit the competition at every turn. Or so he thinks. In the end, is his freedom worth the price he’ll pay to earn it? Or is he better off letting the formula fall where it may.”

Abrahams’ latest deal with Post Hill Press is for three books, and he says he’s already made significant progress on his next two novels, which are both due out next year — despite spending recent weeks crisscrossing the country covering the 2016 presidential race.

“If I’d written a novel about the 2016 race so far, nobody would think it believable,” Abrahams said.