Mary Herr Tally and Lindsey Creel during Tribeza Style Week Fashion Show at Brazos Hall.

STYLE: The secret to reaching Style Week No. 12. How does Tribeza do it? Surely it must test even the most serious planners to produce four or five perfect parties in the space of a week - and do it every year for a dozen years. But the leaders of the lifestyle magazine - among them Katie Friel, George Elliman and, returning this year, Lauren Ford Smith - still manage to make it seem effortless. It ends each time with a fairly large-scale fashion runway show, this edition staged at Brazos Hall. Folks gathered for sips and samples on the rooftop terrace - well, model types didn’t nibble much - then headed downstairs to a runway back by a mossy green wall. Among the looks delivered by participating Austin stores, I most appreciated the ones - Stag, Andre Phillipe, Service Menswear - which provided rare options for us guys. Also, a shout out to Katie Kime, the retailer which sponsored the affair.  Oh, and I got to meet Lindsey Creel, who appeared on the current season of “Project Runway” and has made Austin her home for the past five years.

MUSIC: The definitive profile of Gary Clark, Jr. Taken from Deborah Sengupta Stith‘s story in the American-Statesman: “As laptop DJs blare radio “hitz” and doormen hock suspect drink specials on every corner, most Austinites on Dirty Sixth are unlikely to stumble across enlightenment or soul. Gary Clark Jr. is not most Austinites. Over the past few years, Austin’s guitar great has become a superstar on the international festival circuit, but in 2014 he slowed his tour schedule and returned to his hometown for nearly a year to record his new album, “The Story of Sonny Boy Slim,” at Arlyn Studios in South Austin. At the end of one night he found himself walking down Sixth Street. He had his headphones on, trying to sort out lyrics in his mind, when he was stopped by Christopher Copeland, an older gentleman, fatigued by a life spent on and off the streets.”

MOVIES: A movie review that made me want to see the movie: Taken from Joe Gross‘ story in the American-Statesman. “It turns out that not only is “The Martian” Ridley Scott’s most enjoyable movie in years, it is also that rarest of science-fiction flicks: one with a heart of actual science. Based on the smash hit novel by Andy Weir, there are no aliens with acid for blood, no space stations the size of moons, no warp speed: just man against nature, a story older than Jack London. Indeed, when astronaut Mark Watney (Matt Damon) figures out exactly how screwed he is after being accidentally left on the Red Planet by his fellow explorers, he examines his options, looks at the camera and says, “I am going to have to science the (expletive) out of this.” Cue science teachers everywhere losing their minds in elation.”