So it’s looking like there might be some grim weather approaching. Here are three very different movies worth seeing this weekend:

“Green Room” – One of the most terrifying movies I have ever seen and one of the only ones to get punk rock right.

“Green Room” Just look at the glare on Patrick Stewart

“Titticut Follies” — Still one of the most controversial documentaries ever made, Frederick Wiseman’s 1967 debut looks at the inhuman conditions at the Bridgewater State Hospital for the criminally insane. Indeed, the images were so spectacularly damning that government of Massachusetts tried ban its release. Able to shown only to medical and legal professionals, “Titticut Follies” was out of regular distribution for more than 20 years, but was finally shown on PBS in 1992. It is now available to the public. This print, a 35mm restoration of one of the most important American documentaries ever made, will be shown Friday and Sunday at the Austin Film Society.


“Keanu” — Come on, you know you want to. Here is Omar Gallaga interviewing filmmakers Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, with director Peter Atencio about the film during SXSW Film.