Athletes compete in last yearís AFM FITTEST. Photo courtesy Austin Fit Magazine

You run fast. You knock out more pull-ups than anyone else at the gym. Or maybe you jump as high as an NBA basketball player.

You consider yourself in fine physical shape, but how does your overall fitness stack up against the rest of exercise-crazy Austin?

Hundreds of buff bodies will converge May 21 at Camp Mabry for the fifth annual Austin Fit Magazineís AFM FITTEST.

This contest features 10 tests designed to measure strength, endurance, balance, speed, precision, agility and power. The lineup includes an assortment of challenges, from a standing medicine ball toss to a vertical jump and 1-mile run Ė plus two mystery tests.

Athletes compete at last yearís AFM FITTEST. Photo courtesy Austin Fit Magazine.

Iíve competed in the event twice. In a word? Humbling Ė but also fun. And Iím a big fan of competing in the same event year after year. It gives you a good measuring stick, to see if your fitness level is getting better, worse or staying the same.

The event draws everyone from the super fit to those who are just getting started. Participants compete based on age and sex. The male and female winner of each age division become Austinís 10 Fittest. (Read about last yearís winners here.) The overall male and female winners are named Austinís Fittest.

This yearís competition features 10 tests, including two mystery challenges. Photo courtesy Austin Fit Magazine.

Participants can also compete as teams of two or four, in the open, corporate or gym division. (Teams can tackle the 1-mile run as a relay, with a baton hand-off at the midway point.)

Local partners include CLEAN, HEB, CLIF Bar, Red Bull, Stronghorn, Castle Hill Fitness, ONNIT, Iron Tribe Fitness, Orange Theory, Pure Barre, Pure Austin and Rogue Running.

Organizers have extended registration until midnight May 13. To register, go here.