Jacir Eid in Theeb

David Lewis San Francisco Chronicle

The skillfully mounted Theeb is a spaghetti Western that comes from an unlikely place Jordan and features an even more unlikely hero: a young Bedouin boy who must use his wiles to survive in the unforgiving desert.

Its 1916, the beginning of the Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Empire, and the orphaned Theeb lives in a remote but stunning stretch of land in Arabia. The boys older brother Hussein is a pilgrim guide, but the Ottomans have constructed a train to Medina that makes his profession obsolete.

Theeb (Jacir Eid) enjoys a special bond with Hussein (Hussein Salameh), who teaches his younger brother how to use weapons. As it turns out, Theeb has a thing or two to learn about guns and knives, but he will get a quick education.

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