Many years ago, I made my first batches of kombucha but fell out of the habit pretty quickly. I can’t remember exactly why, because I recently acquired a fresh SCOBY — that’s the symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast used to ferment black tea and sugar into kombucha — and have been making a batch a week.

We started with loquat kombucha, but now that those delicious little fruits are done for the season, I’ve moved on to strawberry, cherry and blueberry. I’m still working out the kinks in my own process, but I’ve been using a new book called “The Big Book of Kombucha: Brewing, Flavoring, and Enjoying the Health Benefits of Fermented Tea” by Hannah Crum and Alex LaGory to troubleshoot.

(Thanks to their advice, I didn’t throw out a recent batch whose SCOBY looked a little different than the others. It just needed a little more time to ferment, and now I have one of the fizziest kombuchas I’ve made to date.)

Crum and Lagory will be in Austin on May 26 for an event at 7 p.m. at BookPeople, where they’ll talk about kombucha’s incredible rise in popularity in recent years and why more people like me are making it at home. The event is free, and you can check out the authors’ site, where you can buy supplies, including SCOBYs, at