The Canadian River in the Panhandle. Courtesy of

A short note today.

Joe Starr and I are headed back to Texas rivers for 10 days. We plan to trace some relatively short West Texas waterways from the sources to their mouths. We begin later today with the Pease River, mostly between Paducah and Vernon, then tomorrow, the Texas stretch of the Canadian River in the Panhandle.

Bosque River. Courtesy of

Others under consideration — it all depends on timing:

Nolan River

James River

Concho River

Lampasas River

Bosque River

Medina River

Clear Fork of the Brazos

Salt Fork of the Brazos

White River

Paluxy River

Concho River.

If all goes well, by 2017, we should be able to offer you “Texas River Tracing: 50 Trips by Car and on Foot.”

Won’t be able to post blogs on the road, but you can follow our adventures on Twitter (@outandabout), Facebook (Michael Barnes) or Instagram (@outandaboutatx).

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