The college football “hate map” of the U.S. Photo via Reddit

The most hated college football team in Texas is, well, Texas. According to the college football subreddit, at least.

A Reddit post on r/CFB (which has over 900 comments and almost 600 net upvotes) posted a college football “hate map” based off of 5,000 votes from Reddit users.

Reddit user fearthetree5 posted:

Well, its finally here. The results of the new and improved /r/CFB hate map. Big thanks to da real MVP, /u/okiewxchaser, for putting the actual map together. Again, thanks to all who voted, nearly 5,000 votes were cast. This has been a fun process for me and I hope that you guys enjoyed taking part in it too.

The post included the whole map, a closeup map of the northeast, and the results of the poll.

The most hated team in Texas is the Longhorns with 21.3 percent of the vote. 12.7 percent hate Texas A&M the most, with Oklahoma and Baylor tied for third at 8.9 percent.

The rankings, broken down. Photo via Imgur.

Texas also ranked at No. 4 on the national results of most hated college football team in the country. Ohio State took first place.