Brad McCollum playing for SXSW crowds along South Congress Avenue.

Brad McCollum has lived over Austin. He gets out on the street to play by 11:30 a.m. Stays until 6-ish. “I’ve been doing it for three years. I love to play music and getting people’s feedback. It’s a good environment. Worst is when it’s extremely hot or cold. Your fingers get all numb and your throat is frozen so you can’t sing so well. I write my own stuff, but I do  a lot of covers out here, because people like to hear something they know. My band, Juggernaut Kingdom, just played a gig at the Carousel Lounge. During SXSW, we’ve got an extra 200,000 rolling through here. I play on Sixth, but prefer it here. On Sixth, they act like idiots, steal my money. It’s more family oriented here.”

Jeffrey Weinthal is out on South Congress during SXSW promoting Stanthor Castle

Jeffrey Weinthal is out on South Congress during SXSW promoting Sfanthor Castle in this bizarre Frankenstein contraption. “At the castle, we sell comic books, T-shirts, collectibles up front. In the back is a wax museum dedicated to the movie monsters and horror. We’ve been working on that for months. My boss could tell you more. I work for tips, but you can take a picture anyway.”

Lance Bradley has been selling breakfast tacos like mad during SXSW.

Lance Bradley is originally from Houston. Working during SXSW at Farm to Market on South Congress. Also helping out at Yard Dog. “People started flowing in at 8 a.m. We were selling breakfast tacos like mad. Like 50 in an hour. This is our busiest time of year for sure. I like the constant party buzz. Cate Blanchett came in recently, before SX. I wasn’t here. She had four boys and a baby with her and was staying in the neighborhood. You don’t get much A-Lister than that. It’s like royalty.”