Artist: Sucré

From: Dallas

Online:Official SXSW artist page;


Remember Eisley? For those not in the know, they were/are the Partridge Family for kids who liked Death Cab: a lush indie rock quartet composed of impossibly pale, thin Texas siblings, as well as their cousin on bass. (Because if you’re going to let your cousin into your indie rock band, he’s definitely going to have to play bass.)

Vocalist, keyboardist, sister and crystalline sprite Stacy King (neé Dupree) branched off in 2012 with an excellent LP called “A Minor Bird,” dubbing her solo project Sucré. Produced by husband Darren King (of Christian-ish rockers Mutemath) and multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Larson (also Mutemath-adjacent), luxe songs like “Chemical Reaction” and “When We Were Young” make a case for decadence with frosty pianos and ribbony strings. Like an old friend, King’s sugared, almost jazzy voice pierces through the plush.  If you like Eisley, but wish they sounded more like opera seats at the ballet, Sucré is your jam.


King released an EP last year, “Loner,” that injects a little more beat-driven edge into all that cotton candy, and the result is a pleasing contrast, like sonic salted caramel.

Tired of candy metaphors yet? Too bad.


Could share a bill with: Imogen Heap, Kimbra, The Bird and the Bee, St. Vincent (but only pre-self-titled St. Vincent)